Missing a Nordic HCL Software User Group? Well, here is the good news! We have formed a new group after the former Nordic user groups all closed, during the email migration years. We are a group of enthusiastic and skilled people, who know how HCL Software creates a better work situation and maintains higher productivity.


So, we got together at the latest user group conference, Engage 2023, in Amsterdam. We talked, we shared ideas, we made decisions, and we did shake hands. And voila – the new all Nordic user group was established.


The baby has a name, and according to good old family tradition we took the name from one of our ancestors – our Grand Mother – Let’sConnect. So here it is:

Let’sConnect Nordics!


With new people in the team, fresh ideas, and a totally new conference concept, we believe it will be a success.  No, there will not be a big two-day conference in just one of our Nordic capitals. We will come to you. Our hope was to visit all the Nordic capitals in one week – Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. But for a start we will only visit Stockholm and Copenhagen this year. So, if you are from Sweden or Denmark, you will not have to travel outside your country to participate. Norwegian or Finnish? You are welcome to participate in Stockholm or Copenhagen – or wait until 2024 when we will visit Helsinki and Oslo.


Let’sConnect Nordics is a conference roadshow – a flying circus!

We will bring the HCL Software experts to you! We will give you the latest updates on the technologies and strategies. We will be your new Nordic community and family!

Act now!

Now, this is what you should do this very moment: Open your calendar for November. Set off the whole day for Let’sConnect Nordic 2023 on the date and the city that suits you best.


Tuesday 21. November 2023


Thursday 23. November 2023

These are the dates when the flying circus take off and visits your city!

Want to join us? Register here

Want to know more? Want to help us? Want to be a sponsor? Want to volunteer and share ideas?


Here is how to contact us:

Coordinator: Wannes Rams, wannes@letsconnect.world

Sweden: Ulf Stider, ulf.stider@infoware.se, +46 70 6575881

Norway: Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen, arne@brainworker.no, +47 41535313

Denmark: Tobias Fonsmark, tobias.fonsmark@semaphor.dk


Stay in touch! Let’sConnect Nordics!